In our desire to make meaning, Kabukye Trust will engage in activities that support the development of healthy:

  • Children and young people who are playful, curious, and passionate learners.
  • Teachers who are truly engaging learners to think.
  • Women and girls who freely access ideas, rights, and choices.
  • Men and boys who are providing for the foundations of wellbeing and opportunity for their families.
  • Unbelievable levels of poverty blighting the area.
  • Families marrying off under-age daughters and child sexual abuse.
  • Rising levels of alcoholism among youth and truly comical manifestations of idleness.
  • Children with disability are neglected by families.
  • Low immunization coverage, acute shortages of skilled health professionals, a ‘jigger’, epidemic, and rising incidence of cancers and vascular disease.
  • Low levels of achievement by learners in primary and secondary schools.
  • Preventing patterns of abusive behavior towards children.
  • Ensuring all children disabled especially assess education, training, and mentoring of excellent quality.
  • Ensuring the good health of the children and their families.
  • Celebrating and conserving local cultural and environmental heritage.
  • Transforming abilities of families of the children to develop more resilient livelihoods to help achieve the above goals.

Our How

  • We are guided by values of giving hope, service, avoiding waste, innovation, and honesty.
  • As much as we can, we try to prevent problems before they occur. It is cheaper.
  • We empathize with our customers. We take inspiration from the children and young people we serve to co-create solutions that surprise and deliver benefits to them.
  • We continuously test and refine products, services, and experiences to ensure we are effective.
  • Map a clear path to measurable results
  • Always promote the self-worth and esteem of the children, teachers, and families participating in our work.

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